April 22, 2009

Congratulations to Erica, Sammy, Adina, and Laura for successfully completing the pledge process! Welcome to SAEPi ladies.


Today during free hour in the commons, the greek organizations in MGC which includes Sigma, walked around in fashions from different countries.

Sigma was represented by Lauren who wore an interpretation of what some Jewish women wear. We then proceeded to walk around the commons handing out fliers to people there.

Mad props to Lauren!

SAEPi at UMBC’s blog, stay connected and up to date with Sigma.  Along with updates/reflections on the events that Sigmas have done.  The plan is to have somewhere that can provide info about things that we are doing on campus to help with visibility for both Sigma AEPi and the Jewish community as a whole here on campus.

Look for upates, here, I am going to work at keeping this updated.